संजीवनी शक्तिपात: 4 साल से बाधाओं का शिकार ठीक हो गया… अनु टोहाना, हरियाणा


Ram Ram Guru ji, Ram Ram Shivpriya ji,
Thank you for Sanjivni Saktipat vidhya, here happened miracle, I do on it my neighbors boy, he is 18 years old, from last 4 years he is suffering from unknown problem, he always cry as a little boy and hate with his mother, he do not eat food made by her, his parents were tired from try every possible solution, waste lot of money on mantra tantar, Yagya, path- puja, pitar- puja, and medication also. I do saktipat only once a week on him and his mother without saying them. Today I note his mother talking with him and she was happy. I asked her then she said he is Normal now. Thanks a lot 🙏🏿
Because I feel good from her happiness.
Firstly I was said that I do saktipat but have not result and whenever I do any upay, here querral start at our house, even when my name select in free zoom online class, zoom app currept in my phone. So I decided to try it on other and have good results. So again thank you very much.