संजीवनी शक्तिपात: दर्द की तड़पन से तुरन्त राहत मिली… मुक्ता, अमेरिका।

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I have to share my experience here. I had a sever pain in my calf in middle of night and I wanted to scream but I could not call anyone because I did not want to disturbe anyone but I was completely frozen, like a knife had been poked in my calf and then all I could remember to do was sanjavini vidhya and I prayed to shive please send me sanjavini and take this pain away,it was gone in a instant as soon as I said it was gone like magic. I thanked all shiva shakti and you and sanjavani shakti
Thank you so much for introducing me to this vidhya🙏🏽